Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Chapter

Hei,I'm really sorry that I haven't really update my blog. You can say I've been pretty busy lately.
So,where I should start eh?

Yeah, I'm now officially the student of UniKL-MICET,which stands for M'sian Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology.Catchy huh?Anyway we are located somewhere in Taboh Naning, that is somewhere between Alor Gajah and Tampin.If you still remember your history,this is where the place of one of the great warrior who defied against the British at that time,Dol Said. So the first day we were here,we were told by the local to be careful in this kinda place,because if you do something disturbing(trespassing or anykind),the 'panglima' and 'hulubalang' would come at night and warn you thats original.I hope 'they' don't have the access to the wireless here or else they are going to read this post and come knocking on my door.

This place could be quite far from the city, but I assure you this a suitable place to study. Far from any distraction,which I consider as good.Because I don't want history in Seremban repeat itself again(even I have to admit those are my sweet memories there hoho).Access to the nearest town is pretty easy.There are buses come here at particular times.If you have your own transport,that should be much easier.Unlike in KMS,you can go out anywhere,anytime you want but before 11 pm on the weekdays and before 1am on Friday and Saturday.

In my class,there are 21 students,so far. My classmates are mostly hilarious.We can have a joke like in every 5 minutes.Except when the lecturer is teaching,of course.Other than that,we always find something to laugh about.I hope it stays that way huhu


Surprisingly I have to take Biology.Can you believe that?Biology in engineering.At first I thought this must be some kinda mistake,but its not. The 1st topic of the subject: the need to learn biology in engineering.Ok now we're talking. Since I'm taking chemical engineering,i will somehow deal with microorganism as enzyme to catalyze some reaction in chemical industry. Plus, you also need to know how chemical processes are carried out in physiology system so that you will know what kinda drugs or medicine you are going to produce.Pharmaceutical? They create the drugs,we are the one who are going to manufacture and make big money out of it hohohoho not a pengedar dadah or any kind eh haha a good one i mean.Chemical engineers must have knowledge in this field.
Other topics I'm taking now are physical chem,organic chem,material and balance,math,biology,physics and English.Ooo yeah,we have English classes because we are taking IELTS!Again!!! For those who have taken it,this matter is still being discussed and hopefully we don't have to retake it.

Sports facilities

Way much better than kms.Hands down.They have a proper football field,netball field, 3 tennis courts but only 1 is being used and the other 2 are transformed into futsal courts(sounds familiar?),2 FULL basketball courts,2 volleyball courts and last but not least,a gym!!hehe(sangap aa nih)Fully equipped gymnasium hoho The stuffs are all here,whether you want to use it or not.

Its quite easy to get to know people over here.You play futsal or basketball,you cooperate with them,chat a little bit,throw in some smiles,wallah,you get a new friend.Not all students are that friendly,but most of them are.

At the moment,I'm really enjoying myself here.I hope I can finish my year here like this without having any problems.Amin.