Wednesday, December 24, 2008

busy holiday 2

It's 5.30 in the morning now,im at the cc around the heart of kl.This is where i kill my time waiting for the lrt to start operating.This is a continuous post from the previous one.

I still haven't got back to kelantan yet hehe so for those for order jerseys from me im afraid there is gonna be a delay in delivery.Anyway i was in penang for the past couple of days.That was the first time i've been there.From what i heard,penang is a good port to hang out.

1st day; took a bus from bt jambul to the city.i was having trouble communicating with the bus conductor as he spoke a heavy penang accent haha thanks to the lady in front of me,we finally understand each other.To be honest i dont know where am i going.I just said to him i wanna go to georgetown.So i got off the bus when all the passengers did and the place was kinda hectic.Its komtar.So many people,so many smoke.There's nothing much here;bus station,OLD shopping complex,gov complex and etc.Its just like central market in kl.Then took a bus to batu feringgi and there is nothing much there but OLD almost naked tourist and hot tropical beach.So i headed back to sg nibong and there was a carnival there with fun fair,culture performance and blabala. I had the chance to ride challenger and top gun.Right after that,i was so fuzzy that i walked like a drunk man back to my hotel.

2nd day;finally i got to meet someone i know in penang.i went to queensbay mall to meet faris,ija,wani and syair.they brought me to this mamak restaurant.i ordered some penang food and its not so different from what i had in any places outside of penang.even the nasi kandar in penang is not so different from bistro in front of seremban parade.But according to them nasi kandar in penang has somekinda aura.whatever that means hehe then went to the movies, histeria.2nd malay movie i watched in cinema after gerak khas the movie.Its a lame movie for me because ..... ok i dont wanna spoil it out for u.but for those who are into horror,this might be a good breakthrough for horror movie in night i took a bus and went back to kl.

Generally speaking,yeah penang is a good place to hang out,but not a place to settle down.Its so busy here,with traffic jam and all.Now that i completed my journey to all of malaysia peninsular including some part of thailand and singapore, im more confident to see the whole world. Ok its 6 now,i better get going now.a lot of places to go today hehe chow!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

busy holiday

Unlike my holiday before,this one is pretty hectic.I haven't go back to kelantan yet since the winter break started. After raya haji, i have to go straight away to debate tournament in Gombak.It was fun that I actually came out of retirement to enter the debate field again.Its been awhile since the last time i did that.Frankly speaking,i think i didn't even know how to debate properly(seriously,sometimes i dont even know what im talking about).Even though my team do not even qualified for the quater-finals,im still content.I met knew people,revive the spirit of debating again(hoho takleh blah).But seriously,debate really made my mind works again. So if any of participants in the debate tournament so happen to read this,its really an honour to know you guys.and congratz for those who achieve their aim.

After the debate,i stayed at cat's place.As usual cat's family is always generous to me.Thanks cat huhu anyway we had a really busy and happening weekend.Where should i start?

Saturday:went to klcc,with cat,ben,dwane.usha2 pc fair.The only laptop worth buying:vaio sony
others are hampeh.there are not much of a choice.later on watched transporter 3:hambar gila. its another version of twilight.cheeeesyyyy nk tengok cite anak jantan cket.

Sunday;Went to lala's kenduri in bangsar.i got to meet chill,kruk,alya,mashi and of course lala. A small reunion but its be honest,i was humbled by the kenduri held.grand gila huuuuu nak minum air pon segan.But thanks lala 4 the hospitality.Later on went to WUPID(world uni. peace invitational debate).it was a brief visit because by the time we were there,it was the last speaker turn to talk.Even though it was short,its enough for me to realize how high their standard really are.*sigh* still got a long way to go.after that i followed cat to play futsal in subang with his fellow sdarian.So menyamar jd bdak sdar jap la.kat sana jmp nyai and i got to make some new friends.
balik umah pancit gila

Monday:early in the morning,we have to go back to subang.I promised fafuria and the gang to go skating.My feet were still in sore huuu but then i can still skill has improved than the last time i skated.but then i did fall every now and then,but this time i felt beautifully hahaha
then i went back to my auntie's in subang.I figured this time,i really could use a rest

Tuesday:tidooooooooooooooor,petang;naik beskal round kampung

Wednesday:back in kl to watch the final of wupid.typing this blog.going to collect mara cheque later hehe

So after this,when i have bought my new laptop.Im going to stay at home watch japanese drama till i drop.Ooo yeah,i havent done any of my assignments yet *zzzzzzzzzz*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For the past few nights, I could not get a decent sleep.There are few things that keep disturbing me.Plus sometime i get this 'kna tindih' phenomena.if u know what i mean.Its not that scary when you kinda get used to it.I can't really scientifically,maybe sometime at those moment, I was kinda tired. However there are times that I was not tired at all,I still experienced the same thing.

Well,thats not the real reason why I couldn't sleep.Since last week,a few events have occurred.
Lets start with my academic stuff.Last week,I have to skip 2 days of classes in order to get my agreement with MARA done.I missed some classes and a couple of quizzes.I planned on catching up on last weekend.Unfortunately my debate training started at the same time.So I had to juggle them as my replacement quizzes were given at same time.Even though I succeeded to polish my debating skills and obtain average marks,I'm not happy.because I know I could've done better.

Thats is not also the real reason that I couldn't sleep.Because I can still catch up as I have plenty of free time in the weekends(I have 3 days 4 weekend =P).

In life,there are times that you have to make a difficult decision.I believe this is one of those. I was invited to join usrah by ISMA. Honestly,I don't have a problem joining it.In fact this is one of the best way to learn about our religion. The best way to learn about 'jatidiri'(not by a lecture filled with 1000 of students in a hot hall even the air-cond is on!!).It requires continuous systematic learning process. My only problem;commitment. That might be a reason why I don't have a girlfriend =P haha anyway for now,I'm kinda into a lot if things.Studies,debate,sports,time for my own and blablabla. Plus,I don't really like to be attached to any organization. I have joined other usrah before this,but since they are located in KL,I rarely keep track with them.

When I give a deep thought into it,I realized those are just lame excuses. Of course I do have a lot of things to do but if I put effort into it,I can find a time to squeeze in my schedule.Its about you really want it or not.

I'm writing this early in the morning,consequence of couldn't sleep.Actually I did sleep,but I woke up around 3.Come to think of it,this is good for me.Wake up early,do some study. Sounds good =)

p/s:i slept at 10 last night =P

Friday, November 14, 2008

How to make a sweet drink from a sour lemon

Ok,this is not a recipe how to make sirap limau,limau ais or even lemonade. This is just a title to make my post look good.

Let's face it,life is unfair.We're facing a lot of things we don't want to encounter everyday. We always wish that it wont come to us, but that is exactly what it does.This is when we start cursing, feel that everything is so wrong and eventually ruin our mood for the day. And it starts all over again.

Why is this happening?

Problems always seem to be an eyesore.Some extreme people just can't deal with it are willing taking shortcuts through suicides.Others just simply give up.But what usually happen among us is we still deal with it,but after we are weaken by the magnitude of efforts we have to put in order to get through it.

Just because bad things are happening to us doesn't mean life is picking on us.For any difficulties,they are test to prove that we have what it takes to cope with life.To be a better,stronger person.

Before this,we see problems as loopholes through our path,thats why we always fall.Why don't this time,we see it as opportunities,and see where it will lead us to

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Chapter

Hei,I'm really sorry that I haven't really update my blog. You can say I've been pretty busy lately.
So,where I should start eh?

Yeah, I'm now officially the student of UniKL-MICET,which stands for M'sian Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology.Catchy huh?Anyway we are located somewhere in Taboh Naning, that is somewhere between Alor Gajah and Tampin.If you still remember your history,this is where the place of one of the great warrior who defied against the British at that time,Dol Said. So the first day we were here,we were told by the local to be careful in this kinda place,because if you do something disturbing(trespassing or anykind),the 'panglima' and 'hulubalang' would come at night and warn you thats original.I hope 'they' don't have the access to the wireless here or else they are going to read this post and come knocking on my door.

This place could be quite far from the city, but I assure you this a suitable place to study. Far from any distraction,which I consider as good.Because I don't want history in Seremban repeat itself again(even I have to admit those are my sweet memories there hoho).Access to the nearest town is pretty easy.There are buses come here at particular times.If you have your own transport,that should be much easier.Unlike in KMS,you can go out anywhere,anytime you want but before 11 pm on the weekdays and before 1am on Friday and Saturday.

In my class,there are 21 students,so far. My classmates are mostly hilarious.We can have a joke like in every 5 minutes.Except when the lecturer is teaching,of course.Other than that,we always find something to laugh about.I hope it stays that way huhu


Surprisingly I have to take Biology.Can you believe that?Biology in engineering.At first I thought this must be some kinda mistake,but its not. The 1st topic of the subject: the need to learn biology in engineering.Ok now we're talking. Since I'm taking chemical engineering,i will somehow deal with microorganism as enzyme to catalyze some reaction in chemical industry. Plus, you also need to know how chemical processes are carried out in physiology system so that you will know what kinda drugs or medicine you are going to produce.Pharmaceutical? They create the drugs,we are the one who are going to manufacture and make big money out of it hohohoho not a pengedar dadah or any kind eh haha a good one i mean.Chemical engineers must have knowledge in this field.
Other topics I'm taking now are physical chem,organic chem,material and balance,math,biology,physics and English.Ooo yeah,we have English classes because we are taking IELTS!Again!!! For those who have taken it,this matter is still being discussed and hopefully we don't have to retake it.

Sports facilities

Way much better than kms.Hands down.They have a proper football field,netball field, 3 tennis courts but only 1 is being used and the other 2 are transformed into futsal courts(sounds familiar?),2 FULL basketball courts,2 volleyball courts and last but not least,a gym!!hehe(sangap aa nih)Fully equipped gymnasium hoho The stuffs are all here,whether you want to use it or not.

Its quite easy to get to know people over here.You play futsal or basketball,you cooperate with them,chat a little bit,throw in some smiles,wallah,you get a new friend.Not all students are that friendly,but most of them are.

At the moment,I'm really enjoying myself here.I hope I can finish my year here like this without having any problems.Amin.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bumpy Ride

Yesterday,I finally do something about my life.Fetching up my bike from a relative house in Tanah Merah.Its quite far from my place approximately 180km distanced. Since the bike was rarely used,nobody really care about the road tax.Consequently, I have to take the old road, through the jungles and mountains(that sounds so cool rite =P) in order to avoid police roadblock.

The journey started by filling up my tank(my bike's tank,not literally my tank hehe) at Petronas. Since I saw the fuel was still at half of tank, I decided just to top up for RM3 because I don't want the fuel to be too much.I played my music player and hit the road.

From Tanah Merah to Jeli,the traffic was smooth.Sometimes I had to slow down to increase the volume of music because the sound of the engine was too loud.By doing so,I have to reach my left pocket while my other hand handling the bike,while moving bout 60km/h.Sometimes the handle got shaky when i did that.

The worse was yet to come.The road from the turn I took towards Dabong was awful. Its an old road and rarely fixed.To make it even more challenging,it was raining and I so happened to be not wearing any sweater or rain coat.Mandi free huhu the road was quite slippery and every time I accelerated the bike got shaky again.

When the rain finally stopped,I was really grateful. So I continued the journey happily.Until I reached Kg.Star.This was where my bike starting to act like a crazy horse.When I tried to go faster,the bike went forth and slowed down repeatedly.I was starting to worry because at that moment,the place is kinda a middle of nowhere.I tried to push the bike a little further,at least till I was in more civilized zone.

Alhamdulillah,with my newly transformed 'ride', i reached this small station gas called Petronas huhu(I'm not promoting k hehe) I checked out what was really the problem and it turned out that the bike was out of gas.Lucky me that i stopped at the gas station.

So I filled it up again and with do'a selamat this time,I resumed my journey.There's no problem whatsoeva till I reached home at 6.
Moral of this story are:

1)Pay your road tax
2)Get a new bike if possible
3)Always baca do'a b4 you travel
4)Don't be too stinky to fill up ur tank

So hopefully you guys can learn from my experience huhu this is the road that I've taken

Monday, September 8, 2008


Last Friday,I went to a tazkirah by this ustaz(sorry i have problem remembering names).There's one guy ask him about how many raka'at terawikh should be done.Ustaz said according to Imam Hassan al-Banna,if 8 raka'at can make you all happy,then do 8.If 20 can make everyone satisfied, then do 20.But if either both 8 or 20 can't make everyone happy,then don't do it at all. Because the hukum of unity(ukhuwwah) among muslim is wajib(compulsory) compared to terawikh which is sunat.

So fellow friends, if we see nowadays,unity is not really our priority. Many of us are more individualistic.One obvious example,politic in our country. To those who went to orientation for oversea students sponsored by MARA, you should know how agonizing it was. Anyway, i remembered YB Hj Noh said something like 'kita buat ni blablablablablabla utk orang melayu and blabla some more". The point is, they do...... whatever they do for us just for the sake of malay people.But if they really want to see the malay prosper, have they ever talk or negotiate with the other side of malay,keADILan or to be more specific with Anwar Ibrahim.

Yeah,I know they may do muzakarah with PAS but the things is,PAS is not the one controlling PKR.In fact PAS status in PKR is starting to be uncertain.Umno must accept the fact that people don't trust them anymore. Why not share the power instead of brawl with each other.If this goes on i'm pretty sure we will lose the only thing we have,power.

Ok,may be i'm being too idealistic or naive.But yeah, I am naive.I'm naive because I don't understand why is it so hard to put all the hates behind,to share power for the sake of our people,if that is their real intention to be in politic that is.

So fellow friends, for we are the next generation,I hope we don't do the same mistake as our leaders have done.We still have a long way to go.After this,everyone of us may participate in different organization,parties but do not forget who we really are.