Wednesday, December 24, 2008

busy holiday 2

It's 5.30 in the morning now,im at the cc around the heart of kl.This is where i kill my time waiting for the lrt to start operating.This is a continuous post from the previous one.

I still haven't got back to kelantan yet hehe so for those for order jerseys from me im afraid there is gonna be a delay in delivery.Anyway i was in penang for the past couple of days.That was the first time i've been there.From what i heard,penang is a good port to hang out.

1st day; took a bus from bt jambul to the city.i was having trouble communicating with the bus conductor as he spoke a heavy penang accent haha thanks to the lady in front of me,we finally understand each other.To be honest i dont know where am i going.I just said to him i wanna go to georgetown.So i got off the bus when all the passengers did and the place was kinda hectic.Its komtar.So many people,so many smoke.There's nothing much here;bus station,OLD shopping complex,gov complex and etc.Its just like central market in kl.Then took a bus to batu feringgi and there is nothing much there but OLD almost naked tourist and hot tropical beach.So i headed back to sg nibong and there was a carnival there with fun fair,culture performance and blabala. I had the chance to ride challenger and top gun.Right after that,i was so fuzzy that i walked like a drunk man back to my hotel.

2nd day;finally i got to meet someone i know in penang.i went to queensbay mall to meet faris,ija,wani and syair.they brought me to this mamak restaurant.i ordered some penang food and its not so different from what i had in any places outside of penang.even the nasi kandar in penang is not so different from bistro in front of seremban parade.But according to them nasi kandar in penang has somekinda aura.whatever that means hehe then went to the movies, histeria.2nd malay movie i watched in cinema after gerak khas the movie.Its a lame movie for me because ..... ok i dont wanna spoil it out for u.but for those who are into horror,this might be a good breakthrough for horror movie in night i took a bus and went back to kl.

Generally speaking,yeah penang is a good place to hang out,but not a place to settle down.Its so busy here,with traffic jam and all.Now that i completed my journey to all of malaysia peninsular including some part of thailand and singapore, im more confident to see the whole world. Ok its 6 now,i better get going now.a lot of places to go today hehe chow!

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MiSs^iJa said...

ko igt x food ko yg mcm rumput tu?