Saturday, June 27, 2009


I've always wanted to go out and see the world since I was a little kid. My parents were my inspiration back then; they both studied overseas. Only this time, I want to achieve more than them. From primary school to MRSM, things workout as I wished. I took a stumble during my time in KMS but I was given a second chance to redeem myself. Tomorrow, its the final exam that will decide my fate.

I did OK last sem, perhaps because the subjects were easier and I've already learned most of them before this. This time, it is more challenging (difficult is just a state of mind). At the moment,exactly 32 hours before the first paper I haven't entirely covered the syllabus. This is when people should be panick. To be honest I am a little freak out.

But I promise myself, I will walk into that exam room confidently, and walkout the same way. I won't let any negative feeling get in my way, not this time. Wish me luck.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

As you grow older

When we were young, life is so carefree. Everything was spontaneous. I could play with my friends all day long. Nothing to be worried about. I used to steal buah koko in this chinese farm without slight hesitation(Yes, i was evil). Nothing to be concerned about. Of course i was beaten the crap out of me when my parents found out. The point is, it was easy to make a decision back then.

When we get older, multiple variables seems to appear out of nowhere when it comes to decision making. Even in the simplest thing like where to eat when you were in groups. It feels like, whatever you do there's always consequences need to be considered. Sometimes when you're not doing anything you also wonder what is the outcome. Especially when you're in goal oriented circumtances.

When you want to get involved with someone, you always wonder what is the appropriate way to do it. Do I come too strong if I call?Is texting too casual?What would he/she think of me if i do this? What would PEOPLE think of me if I do that? This kinda questions can be barricades to whatever we want to achieve.

Its not that I'm complaining of being a grown up. Its just I didn't realize when did I grow up to be this kinda person. Till I decided to write this down. When I was a little kid, it got me thinking, how does it feel to be an adult? It must be cool. I can drive my own car, have my own money to buy my own toys, I can do whatever I want. Now that I am what I am, I already did those cool stuff. And its not as cool as i thought it is. Those stuff comes with responsibility. Which is something I couldn't possibly understand when I was a kid. Now that I do, I wish I was one of the Lost Boys in the Neverland.

I know its cowardly to run away from your responsibility or even complaining about them. Its just something we have to do, whether you like it or not. What really bugs me is that the thought of when we desired of something, and eventually gets it, we regret it. We wish we never made that decision or even dreaming about it. And we fixed it back the way it were at the first place, we keep wondering if we had not do that. We never satisfy with whatever we have. I guess that is what makes us human

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why Chelsea is not good enough to win the Champions League

It's the 6th times already since the Chelsea had qualified to the knock out round of the most competitive football tournament in then world; the UEFA Champions League. But Chelsea is yet to win the silverware. Plenty of controversial decisions, lack of luck keeps getting in their way. The recent exit to Barcelona when some critical decision are turned against them and penalty miss against Manchester United in the finals are perhaps the most heartbreaking moments for Chelsea fans. The fans claim that it is luck who is not on their side. Yeah, in football sometimes you need luck. But it is a heartache to think that after 6 seasons the luck is still not on our side. Obviously it is not luck we are to blame.

Chelsea's lineup is consist of international captains,some high quality and experienced players but still not good enough to cope with the game. If we examine the backbones of the team,the likes of John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, they are at their 3o's already,or almost.Actually most of the players are. This type of players somehow creates a similar pattern of playing;taking it slow. This is easily exploited by the teams who take things fast offensively. Yes, Chelsea has one of the most organized defense in the world but that is not good enough to win the game. Chelsea rely too much on physical strength on the offense. What Chelsea really need is new bloods in the team. The different between Chelsea and the best team in the world is a genuine winger. Having Anelka or Kalou playing on the right flank is not really working. These players are strikers.or used to be.So there is a tendency to be selfish.It is time to give chance to young and energetic players such as Scott Sinclair to play.

Lets look closely the game against Barcelona recently. Chelsea started well even the possesion is dominated by the Catalans. They played some beautifull passes but barricaded just right outside of penalty box. The atmosphere went high went Essien scored a spectecular goal from the outside. The game went on with Barcelona have possesion but no shot on goal. Even Chelsea who had only one third of the possesion have more shots on goals.Throughout the game there have been 5 penalty claims by Chelsea, all of them were waved away by the referee.It has been the most hot topic debated throughout the football world.From my point of view,out of 5, at least 2 of them are valid.First when the Malouda was 'hackled' inside the penalty box and handball by Pique.It was so clear even I noticed it. The shitty decisions eventually cost Chelsea the game triggered anger and high emotions throughout Stamford Bridge. Ballack went chasing on the referee like a madman, Drogba confronted the same guy like a single mom lost her child.Even Guus Hiddink was not in talking terms for a couple of days after the game.

However, Chelsea should've known better. They had plenty of chances to kill the game. Drogba had 1-on-1 chance and he blew it.Both 1st leg and 2nd leg. He has the firepower but too much confidence that made him a blunder.Drogba is one of the deadliest striker but he whined too much.He is such a spoilt brat for a 31 years old. He kept falling and falling even with minimal contact and too much of injury claim. If he has some honor in himself perhaps that would make him an unstoppable force.I'm glad that Chelsea finally decide to ditch him.When Abidail was red carded, it Chelsea's advantage to score more and finished off the game.Instead, Hiddink strenghten the defense even more. Waiting the game to end the way it is.2 minutes before the final whistle, Andres Iniesta scored the dramatic equaliser.The score was 1-1 till the game finished and Barcelona is through to the final by the away goal rule.

It was one of the memorable moment in football history. Sucks for Chelsea though. I think Barcelona deserve to play in the final,but I also think Chelsea deserve it too. Some Chelsea haters claimed that Chelsea is playing antifootball just because the play it defensively.Well, let me remind you being defensive is also part of football.Just because Chelsea don't play the way your team play doesn't mean your team is superior. Chelsea play cleverly against Barcelona. Barcelona's offense was dwarfed by Chelsea's organized defense. Yes Barcelona is arguably one of the best team at the moment with beautiful game but this is not one of them.

The so called 'beautiful game' is amounted on one shot on goal throughout the game

Chelsea's jinx went on

The referees were pathethic

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stop hitting yourself

Stop hitting yourself

Why are you still hitting yourself?

Friday, January 2, 2009


Not so much a difference for me this beginning of new year.Same old new resolution.Continuing do what i do to achieve what I am for.But not everyone is fortunate as we are.Our brothers and sisters in Palestine is on the verge of holocaust. I wonder when this is going to end.God knows.

After friday prayer yesterday, i heard a horrible news of my mom's friend were involved in a car accident.A mom,with her sister and 3 of her children were in the car.1 survive.A one and a half girl. She suffers a critical injury on her stomach and head right now. Once a again i wonder,how deep this wound would be left on the husband.My condolence to the family.

Its not my job to preach or anykind, but sometimes we should keep our feet on earth.We often got carried away.So let us go through this year with a new hope but yet more cautious.