Friday, January 2, 2009


Not so much a difference for me this beginning of new year.Same old new resolution.Continuing do what i do to achieve what I am for.But not everyone is fortunate as we are.Our brothers and sisters in Palestine is on the verge of holocaust. I wonder when this is going to end.God knows.

After friday prayer yesterday, i heard a horrible news of my mom's friend were involved in a car accident.A mom,with her sister and 3 of her children were in the car.1 survive.A one and a half girl. She suffers a critical injury on her stomach and head right now. Once a again i wonder,how deep this wound would be left on the husband.My condolence to the family.

Its not my job to preach or anykind, but sometimes we should keep our feet on earth.We often got carried away.So let us go through this year with a new hope but yet more cautious.