Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For the past few nights, I could not get a decent sleep.There are few things that keep disturbing me.Plus sometime i get this 'kna tindih' phenomena.if u know what i mean.Its not that scary when you kinda get used to it.I can't really scientifically,maybe sometime at those moment, I was kinda tired. However there are times that I was not tired at all,I still experienced the same thing.

Well,thats not the real reason why I couldn't sleep.Since last week,a few events have occurred.
Lets start with my academic stuff.Last week,I have to skip 2 days of classes in order to get my agreement with MARA done.I missed some classes and a couple of quizzes.I planned on catching up on last weekend.Unfortunately my debate training started at the same time.So I had to juggle them as my replacement quizzes were given at same time.Even though I succeeded to polish my debating skills and obtain average marks,I'm not happy.because I know I could've done better.

Thats is not also the real reason that I couldn't sleep.Because I can still catch up as I have plenty of free time in the weekends(I have 3 days 4 weekend =P).

In life,there are times that you have to make a difficult decision.I believe this is one of those. I was invited to join usrah by ISMA. Honestly,I don't have a problem joining it.In fact this is one of the best way to learn about our religion. The best way to learn about 'jatidiri'(not by a lecture filled with 1000 of students in a hot hall even the air-cond is on!!).It requires continuous systematic learning process. My only problem;commitment. That might be a reason why I don't have a girlfriend =P haha anyway for now,I'm kinda into a lot if things.Studies,debate,sports,time for my own and blablabla. Plus,I don't really like to be attached to any organization. I have joined other usrah before this,but since they are located in KL,I rarely keep track with them.

When I give a deep thought into it,I realized those are just lame excuses. Of course I do have a lot of things to do but if I put effort into it,I can find a time to squeeze in my schedule.Its about you really want it or not.

I'm writing this early in the morning,consequence of couldn't sleep.Actually I did sleep,but I woke up around 3.Come to think of it,this is good for me.Wake up early,do some study. Sounds good =)

p/s:i slept at 10 last night =P

Friday, November 14, 2008

How to make a sweet drink from a sour lemon

Ok,this is not a recipe how to make sirap limau,limau ais or even lemonade. This is just a title to make my post look good.

Let's face it,life is unfair.We're facing a lot of things we don't want to encounter everyday. We always wish that it wont come to us, but that is exactly what it does.This is when we start cursing, feel that everything is so wrong and eventually ruin our mood for the day. And it starts all over again.

Why is this happening?

Problems always seem to be an eyesore.Some extreme people just can't deal with it are willing taking shortcuts through suicides.Others just simply give up.But what usually happen among us is we still deal with it,but after we are weaken by the magnitude of efforts we have to put in order to get through it.

Just because bad things are happening to us doesn't mean life is picking on us.For any difficulties,they are test to prove that we have what it takes to cope with life.To be a better,stronger person.

Before this,we see problems as loopholes through our path,thats why we always fall.Why don't this time,we see it as opportunities,and see where it will lead us to