Tuesday, December 16, 2008

busy holiday

Unlike my holiday before,this one is pretty hectic.I haven't go back to kelantan yet since the winter break started. After raya haji, i have to go straight away to debate tournament in Gombak.It was fun that I actually came out of retirement to enter the debate field again.Its been awhile since the last time i did that.Frankly speaking,i think i didn't even know how to debate properly(seriously,sometimes i dont even know what im talking about).Even though my team do not even qualified for the quater-finals,im still content.I met knew people,revive the spirit of debating again(hoho takleh blah).But seriously,debate really made my mind works again. So if any of participants in the debate tournament so happen to read this,its really an honour to know you guys.and congratz for those who achieve their aim.

After the debate,i stayed at cat's place.As usual cat's family is always generous to me.Thanks cat huhu anyway we had a really busy and happening weekend.Where should i start?

Saturday:went to klcc,with cat,ben,dwane.usha2 pc fair.The only laptop worth buying:vaio sony
others are hampeh.there are not much of a choice.later on watched transporter 3:hambar gila. its another version of twilight.cheeeesyyyy gila.br nk tengok cite anak jantan cket.

Sunday;Went to lala's kenduri in bangsar.i got to meet chill,kruk,alya,mashi and of course lala. A small reunion but its fun.to be honest,i was humbled by the kenduri held.grand gila huuuuu nak minum air pon segan.But thanks lala 4 the hospitality.Later on went to WUPID(world uni. peace invitational debate).it was a brief visit because by the time we were there,it was the last speaker turn to talk.Even though it was short,its enough for me to realize how high their standard really are.*sigh* still got a long way to go.after that i followed cat to play futsal in subang with his fellow sdarian.So menyamar jd bdak sdar jap la.kat sana jmp nyai and i got to make some new friends.
balik umah pancit gila

Monday:early in the morning,we have to go back to subang.I promised fafuria and the gang to go skating.My feet were still in sore huuu but then i can still skate.my skill has improved than the last time i skated.but then i did fall every now and then,but this time i felt beautifully hahaha
then i went back to my auntie's in subang.I figured this time,i really could use a rest

Tuesday:tidooooooooooooooor,petang;naik beskal round kampung

Wednesday:back in kl to watch the final of wupid.typing this blog.going to collect mara cheque later hehe

So after this,when i have bought my new laptop.Im going to stay at home watch japanese drama till i drop.Ooo yeah,i havent done any of my assignments yet *zzzzzzzzzz*

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cAt said...

Huhu...wat a week huh dude?congratz for getting best speaker n ur welcome nytime...hehe=)