Saturday, June 27, 2009


I've always wanted to go out and see the world since I was a little kid. My parents were my inspiration back then; they both studied overseas. Only this time, I want to achieve more than them. From primary school to MRSM, things workout as I wished. I took a stumble during my time in KMS but I was given a second chance to redeem myself. Tomorrow, its the final exam that will decide my fate.

I did OK last sem, perhaps because the subjects were easier and I've already learned most of them before this. This time, it is more challenging (difficult is just a state of mind). At the moment,exactly 32 hours before the first paper I haven't entirely covered the syllabus. This is when people should be panick. To be honest I am a little freak out.

But I promise myself, I will walk into that exam room confidently, and walkout the same way. I won't let any negative feeling get in my way, not this time. Wish me luck.



DANS said...

Gambatte ne! Always remember there's a member here that alwiz prays for his comrades...heehee.. ^^

Lala Bees said...

Good luck chicken!

zikrilhakiim said...